Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Oct. 20, 2008

Hi everyone, Sharon sent me these pictures for the blog. All is well with Mr. Bones and his new family. Sharon is trying to get back in the swing of her schedule of working and family along with Mr. Bones and her others. She will post an update soon but until then, enjoy the pictures. I apologize for not posting but it has been crazy. Teri one of the hardest working caretakers is kneeling with Mr. Bones and Thomas is the guy with the green hat on. I can only imagine how sad it was to say goodbye to an old friend even knowing he was being adopted. Thomas..we love you!
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D Rock NY said...

Thank you Thank you!!!

The pictures brought tears to my eyes!!!

You can see the love all around by the humans that know and loved Mr. Bones!

He is such a lucky dog!!!

You see the kindness and joy in his mommy and auntie's faces!!

Please do not stop the posts!!

Gog Bless u all!