Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday morning

I received a text message during the night that they were 62 miles from home. I was going to post that Mr. Bones Big Adventure has to come the end but in reality it has just begun! He has a new family, new home and all new friends who helped him get home. Truly from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who helped him get home and who cared and loved him while at Best Friends. Although it may have seemed a huge task it really was not, we all came together and did this out of love for Mr. Bones. Sharon mentioned doing this again for other animals that need help and I think it would be great. Now that they are home, please don't go away. I am sure after some much needed sleep Sharon and Martha will join us.



D Rock NY said...

YA Mr. Bones is home!!!

WOOHOO! We aren't going any where!! Mr. Bones new adventure starts today!!!

Love you Mr. Bones!

Kristin said...

PLEASE continue to keep us posted! I have spent many an hour hanging out with Mr Bones at the sanctuary, and I can't stop crying (tears of joy) every time I think about him going home! So PLEASE don't sztop the posts!

Boulder, CO

yvette said...

real glad for Mr bones and family :]

Nancy B said...

Whooooeee!!! I'm thrilled that Mr. Bones is finally home. I hope you all had a good night and are having fun with Mr. Bones today as he explores his new digs. And I agree with the others - we DEFINITELY need a Mr. Bones blog with lots of pictures of him and his new family, friends, EVERYTHING. We love Mr. Bones so much and thank you to Sharon for adopting him and Martha for helping them to make it.

Mark said...

Sharon, Martha, and Joyce,
I can't thank you all enough for sharing this great experience with all of us. When the work day has got tough this week, all I needed to do was "visit" with you all via the blog and my day got better...of course I had to hide my tears of joy while in my cube at the same time:)

I hope that eveyone who reads this tries to live up to the bar you've set for kindness and compassion.

Cheers to you!

Daph said...

Awww, we can't wait to hear about Mr. Bones adventures in his new home. Please continue with the posts- they are SUCH a bright spot in a world that sure needs to great news right about now. This was been a rough week but reading about Mr. Bones, his mommy and auntie helped pull me through it! I can't wait to hear about his new home and how much he just LOVES it. This is a GREAT STORY. We love you, Mr. Bones... I am crying!
Love Always,

Jan's Funny Farm said...

It has been exciting to read about Mr. Bones' great adventure. It is such a delight to know an older dog is so loved and has a new home.

D Rock NY said...


Just checking in from New York to see how you are doing!!!

Please don't stop the posts!

I have been honored to share this journey with you and celebrate in your new lifE!


Mr. Bones' Mom said...

Mr. Bones is home and doing well. We arrived home when my husband was leaving for work, so he didn't get a chance to talk to Martha or introduce himself to Mr. Bones. Friday night was a blur for me - - really tired. Mr. Bones had fun being introduced to Larry and watched the cats with fascination through the baby gate.
I had to work the football game on Saturday for the high school I teach at (homecoming). Larry and Mr. Bones bonded:) Today I have been trying to arrange Mr. Bones and my schedule so that we can function this week. I promise to write a complete state by state report - give me time to get my son to teach me how to download and send my pictures, etc.
Thanks to All!

Nancy B said...

Thanks for the little update!! We're so excited to see photos and hear your state-by-state journal. Kisses and hugs to Mr. Bones!!!