Thursday, November 20, 2008

Here he is......

Hi everyone, I am so sorry, had trouble with this one. Here he is....Mr. Bones at home.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hello everyone

Just wanted to pass these two pictures of Mr. Bones at home. He is doing good, adjusting well and loving life as you can see. Enjoy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another article about Mr. Bones!!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

A message from Mr. Bones 11/08/08

To My Extended Family,

My mommy just got a moment to sit down and type (I’m laying beside her

eating my morning treats). First and most important, thank you for helping me

get home! I like my house; I have my own room/suite that has several beds,

different toys, blankets, bones, etc. I get to look out my big window into the front

yard and the front door. There is a vent by the window that blows out cold and

hot air, whichever I choose! I have my own yard too! I can go out whenever I

want (mommy, daddy, and the kid take me out). I can have someone play with

me or I can choose to hang by myself. I usually like to have them sit on the step

and talk to me while I do my thing. I can go out into the huge field behind my

house when I tell them I want to go. We have had some lovely walks, I get to

stop and sniff whatever I want, I get to choose what direction I want to go, the

length of time I want AND at my pace! I also have 4 cats that I really like and we

talk to each other through the baby gate. Momma Kitty is my favorite, when I am

going out; she likes to great me and then walks with me to the door. Mom and

Dad just shake their heads and keep going. I really enjoy talking to the cats and

we have some very intellectual conversations.

On Halloween, my mommy put out glow sticks down our long driveway and

then turned everything over to dad. I got to watch everything from my window in

my room/suite. I don’t think I like the doorbell, it is rather loud! I could not tell

what was coming up the stairs. All I know is when the big light went out, daddy

and I went for a nice walk and I got all kinds of yummy treats.

It took me a couple of weeks to get into a routine with my family and then they

changed the time! It only took 3 days to adjust to that, thank goodness! Mommy

and daddy don’t make me eat that yucky food that mommy brought home from

our road trip. I just refused to get it! Daddy started making me some yummy

meals and I am loving life; roasted chicken, beef stew, marinated beef roast,

veggies, etc. It is mixed into my kibble and I gobble it up! I can hardly wait until

Thanksgiving – smoked turkey, OH BOY! Plus mommy will be home for four

days straight! She said we will be making all kinds of items to send back to my

furry friends at Best Friends, since they haven’t been adopted yet.

Talk to you soon,

Mr. Bones Sowada