Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Goodbye dear friend....Mr. Bones

With a heavy heart, I am sad to say Mr. Bones died Tuesday, 2-24-09. He was doing very poorly for several days. His mother Sharon graciously called me so that I had the opportunity to say goodbye over the phone before he went to the vets. Sharon is heartbroken but glad that he spent his last four months with her and her family. As far as I know, he had to be about 15 years old and had health issues for a few years. Mr. Bones will be returning with us to Best Friends in April and his ashes will be tucked in Angels Rest. Sharon wants him to return to the place where he was loved for years. I am so sad but know that he was one of the lucky ones, he experienced love from all over the world and will be missed by many including myself. Mr. Bones will now be smiling over the Rainbow Bridge. Please say a prayer for Sharon and her family and of course, Mr. Bones. Thank you. Joyce

Below is a wonderful poem written by my dear friend Isi that says it all.

I have never met Mr. Bones personally but I met him through your story telling Joyce. I tried to express my feelings by writing a poem for him:...

Mr. Bones, gentle ol’ boy,

Loved by so many,

Brought so much joy.

Skinny as Bones you came to Best Friends,...

Caring people were there for you,

Helping your starving body mend.

Water and P.J party’s your favorite thing to do,

You became a Star,…

You did not even know.

Touching so many hearts in every way,

One day you got adopted,

It was YOUR special day!

Short was your stay at your furrever home,

Illness struck your aging body,

In peace and dignity you were let go.

On angels wings. embraced by love,

You will always be remembered,

And always be in our hearts.

In Loving memory of Mr. Bones

Love, Isi