Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday evening, 8 pm (EST)

Hi everyone,
Just got an update from Sharon and Martha. They are now on the road traveling with Mr. Bones.
Mr. Bones, Sharon and Martha left the cabin this morning after some filming was done by Best Friends (thanks Jason!) and arrived at Dogtown approx 9am to a crowd of well wishers. Many of his caretakers were there along with other volunteers wishing him well. Thomas, his caretaker from the show Dogtown stopped in and spent a long time saying goodbye to Mr. Bones, Sharon said it was very emotional. Sharon and Martha were very surprised at all the sniffles..Martha said lots of the men seemed to have colds ;) Sharons' husband made some signs and Teri, a terrific person who works at the Lodges hung the sign on the bulletin in Dogtown that says.....Mr. Bones has left the building. Covers it all doesn't it folks!
After their emotional goodbyes at Dogtown, they stopped at the Welcome Center to take care of some business. While there the staff said their goodbye to Mr. Bones and more tears flowed.
They stopped at the Three Bears in town for a quick lunch only to be stopped by several people who wanted to say hello to Mr. Bones. When they found out that he was leaving, they were so happy and they said their goodbyes too. Martha and Sharon were shocked that he was so famous and popular, such the celebrity. They knew he was popular but were surprised that soooo many people love him. They stopped into Critter Corner to find a raised bowl because Sharon didn't want him to have to bend over to eat!! Joanne, the owner of Critter Corner already sent over a nice bed, blanket, treats and goodies for Mr. Bones trip home. If you are ever in Kanab, please swing by...her store is great. (http://www.crittercornerinfo.com/)

After many stops, finally they left Kanab. They took Mr. Bones to the Pink Coral Sand Dunes north of Best Friends just to see what they looked like. Beautiful pink sand for miles.
When I spoke with them they were right outside of Bryce Canyon on their way to Denver, Colorado. Mr. Bones was sleeping on his new bed, snoring away and anyone who took him for sleepovers knows that he really does snore!!! He is comfortable, happy and having a ball! The girls said they did stop and had sandwiches and he ate his dinner without a problem. I told them to kick back, enjoy the scenery and be safe. Martha said they had signs in the windows of the SUV, one saying, Mr. Bones on Board....how cool is that! They are so happy to have their man on board and heading home! Sharon will email pictures when they stop and I promise to post them.
Will post again when I hear from the girls and Mr. Bones!


The Brat Pack said...

This makes me tear up...I'm so happy for him!! Can't wait to see the pics!

Boo said...

i wish mr bones all the best in his new home.

wet wet licks


bellamicuore said...

I am crying tears of joy for Mr. Bones. Thank you so, so much for these updates AND the pictures!

DD said...

Tears of joy. What a victory for all!

D Rock NY said...

Ok ia m not the only one! Everytime I read it I burst out crying!!!

Mr. Bones you made it and wentout in the most deserving way!


Daph said...
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Daph said...

Your pictures look so beautiful Mr. Bones and you look so comfortable. Pee and I are so happy for you and we cried when we saw how many of your best friends came to wish you a loving farewell. Thomas, your loyal and loving buddy came to say goodbye- I really cried when I read this. Have a same trip Mr. Bones, mommy and auntie!