Thursday, November 20, 2008

Here he is......

Hi everyone, I am so sorry, had trouble with this one. Here he is....Mr. Bones at home.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hello everyone

Just wanted to pass these two pictures of Mr. Bones at home. He is doing good, adjusting well and loving life as you can see. Enjoy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another article about Mr. Bones!!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

A message from Mr. Bones 11/08/08

To My Extended Family,

My mommy just got a moment to sit down and type (I’m laying beside her

eating my morning treats). First and most important, thank you for helping me

get home! I like my house; I have my own room/suite that has several beds,

different toys, blankets, bones, etc. I get to look out my big window into the front

yard and the front door. There is a vent by the window that blows out cold and

hot air, whichever I choose! I have my own yard too! I can go out whenever I

want (mommy, daddy, and the kid take me out). I can have someone play with

me or I can choose to hang by myself. I usually like to have them sit on the step

and talk to me while I do my thing. I can go out into the huge field behind my

house when I tell them I want to go. We have had some lovely walks, I get to

stop and sniff whatever I want, I get to choose what direction I want to go, the

length of time I want AND at my pace! I also have 4 cats that I really like and we

talk to each other through the baby gate. Momma Kitty is my favorite, when I am

going out; she likes to great me and then walks with me to the door. Mom and

Dad just shake their heads and keep going. I really enjoy talking to the cats and

we have some very intellectual conversations.

On Halloween, my mommy put out glow sticks down our long driveway and

then turned everything over to dad. I got to watch everything from my window in

my room/suite. I don’t think I like the doorbell, it is rather loud! I could not tell

what was coming up the stairs. All I know is when the big light went out, daddy

and I went for a nice walk and I got all kinds of yummy treats.

It took me a couple of weeks to get into a routine with my family and then they

changed the time! It only took 3 days to adjust to that, thank goodness! Mommy

and daddy don’t make me eat that yucky food that mommy brought home from

our road trip. I just refused to get it! Daddy started making me some yummy

meals and I am loving life; roasted chicken, beef stew, marinated beef roast,

veggies, etc. It is mixed into my kibble and I gobble it up! I can hardly wait until

Thanksgiving – smoked turkey, OH BOY! Plus mommy will be home for four

days straight! She said we will be making all kinds of items to send back to my

furry friends at Best Friends, since they haven’t been adopted yet.

Talk to you soon,

Mr. Bones Sowada

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Goodbye Video is posted.

Hi Everyone, Well Mr. Bones is settling in and we hope to be able to go a visit him within the next month or so (Sharon I will plan this with you not just pop in). We just want to really see him on the east coast!!!! And of course, we will take lots of pictures. Here is the link to a sweet goodbye video of Sharon and Mr. Bones....please get tissues first then enjoy!
Thank you again for all your support.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Oct. 20, 2008

Hi everyone, Sharon sent me these pictures for the blog. All is well with Mr. Bones and his new family. Sharon is trying to get back in the swing of her schedule of working and family along with Mr. Bones and her others. She will post an update soon but until then, enjoy the pictures. I apologize for not posting but it has been crazy. Teri one of the hardest working caretakers is kneeling with Mr. Bones and Thomas is the guy with the green hat on. I can only imagine how sad it was to say goodbye to an old friend even knowing he was being adopted. Thomas..we love you!
Check out Martha and Sharon's shirts!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday morning

I received a text message during the night that they were 62 miles from home. I was going to post that Mr. Bones Big Adventure has to come the end but in reality it has just begun! He has a new family, new home and all new friends who helped him get home. Truly from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who helped him get home and who cared and loved him while at Best Friends. Although it may have seemed a huge task it really was not, we all came together and did this out of love for Mr. Bones. Sharon mentioned doing this again for other animals that need help and I think it would be great. Now that they are home, please don't go away. I am sure after some much needed sleep Sharon and Martha will join us.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday evening 7pm EST

Hi Everyone, Had a really nice conversation with Sharon and Martha. Mr. Bones is doing great. He loves the road trip, standing with his face at the window watching all the big rigs go by. We know he used to go on sleep overs but he really has not big exposed to all this so they are enjoying watching his reaction to things. They had just gone into Ohio when I was speaking with them so they figured they were 5 or 6 hours out of Maryland. They stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel and Mr. Bones ate all his meal, mashed potatoes and steak. I can relate to this since we would go out every night and get him a hamburger or two. They said they set a picture of him with a big blob of it on his nose but it must not have come thru. I will ask them to resend it. Seems like all is well. Martha said that Sharon was pointing out points of interest on the way home such as the Flying Monkey Factory which is across from the Bananna Factory :) Mr. Bones is weathering the trip well actually I believe better than the girls! Next time I speak with them they will be home.
I will keep everyone posted! Again, thank you for all your help and support.

Thursday 500pm (est)

Thursday 1:00 pm (est)

Hi everyone, Just spoke with Sharon and Martha. They are 130 miles outside Indianapolis with approx. 700 miles to go. Sharon said they hope to arrive at home in Maryland by midnight. Mr. Bones is doing terrific. He is out walking at all the rest stops, stretching and greeting people. Sharon said a woman stopped her and asked her what kind of dog he was and she said he was a special dog. She told her he was a TV star and all about Dogtown and Best Friends and she said it was 30 minutes before she could get away from everyone. She said Mr. Bones is having a blast and although she is sure he misses his friends at Best Friends, he is loving being on the road. He is served breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed and refuses to use the ramp to get into the vehicle. He just looks at them until one of them picks him up and puts him in. Of course, they think that is hysterical...he is spoiled rotten! They sing to him and have a song about his wart on his head and are just having a blast. Sharon said Martha loves him just as much as she does and has told Martha not to snuggle up too close to him when napping because he needs his space. Martha said there is plenty of room for the both of them. Although it has been a great adventure for all, they are all tired and anxious to get home. They wanted everyone to know that all is well and he is almost home. Sharon is so grateful to everyone and really loves Mr. Bones. They put a hoodie on him because when they were in Colorado it was freezing. Unable to find a dog hoodie, they bought a medium boys hoodie and it fit. Living in the desert doesn't call for doggie clothing except for a bandanna or two but amazingly, he loves wearing it.
Enjoy the pictures!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2008

Hi everyone, Received these pictures thru out the day starting with the one at Vail pass which I previously posted. The only comment was Burr so that will explain Mr. Bones wearing a hoodie. Looks like we will be bringing Mr. Bones a Phillies Hoodie!! Yeah Philadelphia Phillies...sorry had to throw that in! Seems the girls and Mr. Bones are already in Kansas so by the map (, it looks like they may be over half way home. I will speak with them in the morning for all the details. Enjoy the pictures of Mr. Bones!


Just received this picture of Vail Pass, not sure when it was taken by the girls but it is beautiful.


Pictures from Tuesday

Here are some photos of Mr. Bones travels....he looks pretty comfortable to me. The girls say he is doing great! Will post an update later. Joyce

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday evening, 8 pm (EST)

Hi everyone,
Just got an update from Sharon and Martha. They are now on the road traveling with Mr. Bones.
Mr. Bones, Sharon and Martha left the cabin this morning after some filming was done by Best Friends (thanks Jason!) and arrived at Dogtown approx 9am to a crowd of well wishers. Many of his caretakers were there along with other volunteers wishing him well. Thomas, his caretaker from the show Dogtown stopped in and spent a long time saying goodbye to Mr. Bones, Sharon said it was very emotional. Sharon and Martha were very surprised at all the sniffles..Martha said lots of the men seemed to have colds ;) Sharons' husband made some signs and Teri, a terrific person who works at the Lodges hung the sign on the bulletin in Dogtown that says.....Mr. Bones has left the building. Covers it all doesn't it folks!
After their emotional goodbyes at Dogtown, they stopped at the Welcome Center to take care of some business. While there the staff said their goodbye to Mr. Bones and more tears flowed.
They stopped at the Three Bears in town for a quick lunch only to be stopped by several people who wanted to say hello to Mr. Bones. When they found out that he was leaving, they were so happy and they said their goodbyes too. Martha and Sharon were shocked that he was so famous and popular, such the celebrity. They knew he was popular but were surprised that soooo many people love him. They stopped into Critter Corner to find a raised bowl because Sharon didn't want him to have to bend over to eat!! Joanne, the owner of Critter Corner already sent over a nice bed, blanket, treats and goodies for Mr. Bones trip home. If you are ever in Kanab, please swing by...her store is great. (

After many stops, finally they left Kanab. They took Mr. Bones to the Pink Coral Sand Dunes north of Best Friends just to see what they looked like. Beautiful pink sand for miles.
When I spoke with them they were right outside of Bryce Canyon on their way to Denver, Colorado. Mr. Bones was sleeping on his new bed, snoring away and anyone who took him for sleepovers knows that he really does snore!!! He is comfortable, happy and having a ball! The girls said they did stop and had sandwiches and he ate his dinner without a problem. I told them to kick back, enjoy the scenery and be safe. Martha said they had signs in the windows of the SUV, one saying, Mr. Bones on cool is that! They are so happy to have their man on board and heading home! Sharon will email pictures when they stop and I promise to post them.
Will post again when I hear from the girls and Mr. Bones!

Tuesday morning....the big Goodbye

Hi everyone, Well I just couldn't stand it anymore. I called Sharon and left her a voicemail then called her sister Martha and got thru. Sharon and Martha are so sweet and have the greatest accents. They were loading up the truck to head to Dogtown for the final Goodbye. Mr. Bones was in the cabin unavailable for comment at this time. Of course, it was hard to hear them due to the connection but most of all, due to my crying like a fool. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am for Mr. Bones and how grateful I am to everyone for helping. And of course, thankful that Sharon met him and loves him as much as we all do. Sounds like Sharon and Martha are having a great time and Mr. Bones is loving every minute of it. I will keep you posted.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, Oct 13, 2008 Update

Hi Everyone, Sharon texted me from the plane this morning. She and her sister were very excited. They landed in "Sin City" as she called it at noon and was stuck in traffic which is not unusual, RT 15 can be a mess. Unfortunately, the pictures she has sent me from her phone cannot be shared due to the way the file is written. I will post when I hear more.

MONDAY, Oct. 13, 2008 The Adventure Begins....

Sharon (Mr. Bones Mom) wrote:

We are planning on getting to Best Friends on Monday the 13th before they close (we hope).
We land at 11:50 am and will have to get the rental SUV before leaving. I would
like to get out of Kanab by 10 AM on Tuesday for the LONG ROAD TRIP home

Sharon is planning on picking up Mr. Bones on Monday evening to bring him to the cabin for his final sleepover in Kanab. They will return to Dogtown at 8am on Tuesday morning so that Mr. Bones can say goodbye to all those who love him. It will be a bittersweet meeting, sadness because everyone will miss him but a joyous time because he is finally going home. Many of his caretakers, former and present will be there to see them off.

I will post again with an update. It is a great day for Mr. Bones and his new family!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Welcome to Mr. Bones Travel Blog

Hello Everyone,
Although I will be the moderator of this blog, it is to be used to update all of Mr. Bones fans about his cross country travels on his way to his forever home. So let's all say a prayer that it all falls into place and for their safety during traveling. Mr. Bones....say goodbye to all your Best Friends who will miss you and say hello to Maryland!!
Again, thank you for helping!