Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday 1:00 pm (est)

Hi everyone, Just spoke with Sharon and Martha. They are 130 miles outside Indianapolis with approx. 700 miles to go. Sharon said they hope to arrive at home in Maryland by midnight. Mr. Bones is doing terrific. He is out walking at all the rest stops, stretching and greeting people. Sharon said a woman stopped her and asked her what kind of dog he was and she said he was a special dog. She told her he was a TV star and all about Dogtown and Best Friends and she said it was 30 minutes before she could get away from everyone. She said Mr. Bones is having a blast and although she is sure he misses his friends at Best Friends, he is loving being on the road. He is served breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed and refuses to use the ramp to get into the vehicle. He just looks at them until one of them picks him up and puts him in. Of course, they think that is hysterical...he is spoiled rotten! They sing to him and have a song about his wart on his head and are just having a blast. Sharon said Martha loves him just as much as she does and has told Martha not to snuggle up too close to him when napping because he needs his space. Martha said there is plenty of room for the both of them. Although it has been a great adventure for all, they are all tired and anxious to get home. They wanted everyone to know that all is well and he is almost home. Sharon is so grateful to everyone and really loves Mr. Bones. They put a hoodie on him because when they were in Colorado it was freezing. Unable to find a dog hoodie, they bought a medium boys hoodie and it fit. Living in the desert doesn't call for doggie clothing except for a bandanna or two but amazingly, he loves wearing it.
Enjoy the pictures!!


BenTheRotti said...

He looks awesome in those photos!!
I'm so happy he is almost home, can't wait to see pictures of him exploring his new territory!

Ben xxx

Elena said...

So glad to hear all is going well. Sounds like Mr. Bones is enjoying his trip cross country and will settle in quite nicely once he reaches home! He is the man!

Nancy B said...

Looks like he's got a great snuggle spot in the van and is enjoying some wonderful snoozes. Quite an adventure for all of you - please be safe and we look forward to his blog from HOME !!! (Yes, we want to know all about what he does at his new place ... !!)

Nancy B said...

p.s. You look FAB in that red hoodie, Mr. Bones!! Wish we could be there to welcome you when you arrive later tonight!