Monday, October 13, 2008

MONDAY, Oct. 13, 2008 The Adventure Begins....

Sharon (Mr. Bones Mom) wrote:

We are planning on getting to Best Friends on Monday the 13th before they close (we hope).
We land at 11:50 am and will have to get the rental SUV before leaving. I would
like to get out of Kanab by 10 AM on Tuesday for the LONG ROAD TRIP home

Sharon is planning on picking up Mr. Bones on Monday evening to bring him to the cabin for his final sleepover in Kanab. They will return to Dogtown at 8am on Tuesday morning so that Mr. Bones can say goodbye to all those who love him. It will be a bittersweet meeting, sadness because everyone will miss him but a joyous time because he is finally going home. Many of his caretakers, former and present will be there to see them off.

I will post again with an update. It is a great day for Mr. Bones and his new family!


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bellamicuore said...

Ooh! I have goosebumps! How ambivalent everyone there must feel. But ultimately very happy for Mr. Bones.