Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Welcome to Mr. Bones Travel Blog

Hello Everyone,
Although I will be the moderator of this blog, it is to be used to update all of Mr. Bones fans about his cross country travels on his way to his forever home. So let's all say a prayer that it all falls into place and for their safety during traveling. Mr. Bones....say goodbye to all your Best Friends who will miss you and say hello to Maryland!!
Again, thank you for helping!


Carol said...

Just read about Mr.Bones at best friends.
What a wonderful story.

Vineeta Anand said...

I love happy endings, and this one was so happy I could cry.

Greta said...

Thank God, there is such a thing as happy endings or in this case happy beginnings.

atti said...

Great story. It is nice to read a happy ending and it will have to happy ending.
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